Millwood Elementary School

The Lunch Lady

The Lunch Lady will be delivering lunches
every Monday & Wednesday to Millwood Elementary!

Making school lunches is something THE LUNCH LADY loves to do and we have been doing it for over 20 years.  However, we know not everyone gets as excited about this daily task the way we do. Home-packing school lunches can get repetitive, tedious and discouraging.  What kids like one day, they return the next or the snacks get eaten and the main sandwich is left untouched.  We have a SIMPLE SOLUTION.  Let the Lunch Lady give you a break whenever you need one.

Each meal is individually catered for your child because we have learned that some kids like a familiar meal repeated every week while others like to try new thing or mix it up. Since our program is based on CHOICE, each child can enjoy a meal that is “JUST RIGHT” for them.

  • All our meals are made in inspected nut free commercial facilities.
  • Lunch Lady staff deliver the meals to the school just before the bell. The hot items are kept separate in hot thermal bags until they are placed in the student’s lunch bag with any cold sides and snacks that have been ordered.
  • Each lunch bag is individually labelled with your child’s information and sorted by class. Once the hot items are added, the lunch bins are sent to each class for distribution. In this way, children are served quickly and efficiently.
  • Sometimes things do go wrong but our focus is always on the children we serve and how we can look after them.  Our Lunch Lady staff is easy to find in her bright red apron and always has extras just in case. Once we look after the child, then we will sort out what happened and make it right.
  • Kids do see their friends enjoying something different and want to try it too. Make the changes yourself online or call your Lunch Lady kitchen for help.

To place an order, please go to:

Things do go wrong on occassion but The Lunch Lady is committed to making things right and wants to hear from you.  CALL Laurie The Lunch Lady directly at 902-865-0033 with any questions regarding setting up your account, meals for children with allergies or your child’s lunch order. You can also EMAIL