Millwood Elementary School

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
MacLellan, Dave 20% Physical Education
Robinson, Brianna 4/5 classroom teacher
Hodgson, Katelyn 50% Grade One/Two and 50% Reading Recovery
Layne, Colleen 50% Grade One/Two and 50% Resource
Malloy, Shauna 90% Grade Three
Darling, Sara Core French
Joan, Glover EAL Teacher
Moakes, Natasha Grade Primary/One
Taylor, Jane Grade 2/3 Website
Malloy, Bill Grade Five Website
Olsen, Donna Grade Four Website
Doyle, Gale Grade Four
Walker, John Grade Four/Five Website
Tucker, Matthew Grade One
Grandy, Tammi Grade One
Bell, Romney Grade Primary
George, Traci Grade Primary
Whatley, Laura Grade Primary
Young, Charlotte Grade Three
Hubbard-Pottie, Tanya Grade Two
Pound, Mark Grade Two
Amirault, Nicole Learning Center
Walker, Lindita Learning Centre
Nash, Krista Learning Centre Teacher
Baker-Skinner, Lori Music Website
Van Ritchie, Todd Physical Education
Scott, Barry Pre Primary
Walsh, Danielle Pre Primary
Legere, Krista Pre Primary
Peverill, Carrie Pre Primary
Kennedy, Melissa Pre Primary Lead
O'Brien, Susan Pre Primary Lead
Kaizer, Kathleen Pre-Primary Lead
Bent, Katherine Resource
Weston, Jacqueline Resource/ELS
McNeil, Nancy School Counsellor


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Ritchie, Chelsey Administrative Assistant
Andrews, Michelle Principal 902-864-6775
Richardson, Christine Vice Principal 902-864-6772

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Kingsbury, John Caretaker
Caceres, Laura Child & Youth Care Practitioner (CYCP)
Gaezley, Colleen EPA
MacAloney, Angie EPA
Skerry, Melanie EPA
Withenshaw, Dianne EPA
Lavigne, Marie-Anne EPA
Falle, Sam EPA
King, Danielle EPA
Millward, Ben EPA
Huang, Sandra EPA
Alguire, Charlene EPA
Fletcher, Nicole EPA
Lewis, Pam Excel Team Leader
Kirby, Ron IT Specialist
McDowell, Julie Library Technician
Stephenson, Danielle School Psychologist
MacLellan, Allison School Social Worker
TBA, TBA Speech Pathologist